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elite level athletes with our professional experience. Our team of experienced physiotherapists and sports therapists helps athletes to maintain their high performance, eliminate changes of injury and get heal quick after injury.

Professional Football Player

Sam Lee

“After undergoing a successful sport therapy program and recovering from their injury, I emerge as a resilient and rejuvenated individual. But Movewell handle each therapy session professionally so that I can get the most suitable treatment to recover quickly.”

Consultant Sports Therapist @Aston Villa FC

Anthony Bosson

“Movewell have vast experience in supporting world class sports teams, elite athletes, and local communities, and provide exceptional services courtesy of their professional team of experienced physiotherapy and sports therapy practitioners. Movewell are committed to providing quality patient-centered care, and use evidence-based research to provide effective treatment and rehabilitation strategies, all serving to promote recovery, rehabilitation, health and wellness for their patients.”

Our Happy Customers

Athlete - Wang Xinyu
Athlete - Venia Yeung
Athlete - Ko Chun
“We are proud to be able to support team and professional athletes representing Hong Kong. Our goal is to back up athletes partners so that they can focus on performing the best on field.”

Max Yeung