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Movewell is a physiotherapy and sports therapy centre located in Sheung Wan Hong Kong. We aim at helping you to get back to doing what you love with our expertise and experiences in treating injury and chronical pain. Apart from traditional physiotherapy and sports therapy approaches, we also incorporate special treatments like acupuncture and cupping therapy.

In Movewell, your feeling is our first priority. We listen to your needs and design treatments for you to get heal quickly with less pain.

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Vision and Mission

‘Move to heal, heal to move’ is our core value. We believe exercise is the key to treating an injury. High quality therapy sessions not only treat pain but also the cause of an injury. This is our company vision; to treat the root of an injury and thus enhance the wellness of our valued clients.
Professional Cricket Player @Hong Kong National Team, Kowloon Cricket Club

Aizaz Khan

“The expertise and dedication displayed by the team at Movewell have played a pivotal role in my cricket journey.

Their in-depth knowledge of cricket-specific movements and demands has allowed them to design specialized rehabilitation programs that target the areas most crucial to my sport.

Their guidance on injury prevention strategies, warm-up routines, and recovery protocols has been invaluable in keeping me at the top of my game and minimizing the risk of future setbacks.”

Consultant Sports Therapist @Aston Villa FC

Anthony Bosson

“Movewell have vast experience in supporting world class sports teams, elite athletes, and local communities, and provide exceptional services courtesy of their professional team of experienced physiotherapy and sports therapy practitioners.

Movewell are committed to providing quality patient-centered care, and use evidence-based research to provide effective treatment and rehabilitation strategies, all serving to promote recovery, rehabilitation, health and wellness for their patients.”

Professional Football Player

Sam Lee

“After undergoing a successful sport therapy program and recovering from their injury, I emerge as a resilient and rejuvenated individual. But Movewell handle each therapy session professionally so that I can get the most suitable treatment to recover quickly.”


Philip Ng

Actor & Martial Artist

Joel Chan


Andy On

Actor & Martial Artist

Belinda Yan

Actress, Model & Pilate instructor

Andrew Pong

Actor & Martial Artist

Susan Shaw

Hong Kong Actress

Vito Ko


Eudice Chong

Professional Tennis Player

Xinyu Wang

Professional Tennis Player

Cody Wong

Professional Tennis Player

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Address: 19/F Yat Chau
Building, 262 Des Voeux Road
Central, Sheung Wan

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Phone No.: +852 94911217


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Mon-Fri 10am - 8pm
Saturday 10am - 3pm
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