Max Yeung

Max born and raised in Hong Kong and completed his training as a sports therapist in Hong Kong.

With his wide experience in sports therapy, he serves different elite level athletes around the world since 2016 and he is actively engaged in many sports events, he is currently serving as the team therapist of Hong Kong Cricket Team and he has traveled with professional tennis players to different international tournament including ITF, WTA, etc.

He also has extensive experience in working with sportsperson like runners, rugby players etc. that dealing with different sports injuries, injury prevention and post-injury rehabilitation program and immediate pitch-side care. Max is particularly interested in core control, lower back pain and manual therapy with all hand-on techniques. As a sportsman, he always look at mobility and movement pattern. It is very interesting that how everything can be connected and you found the solution. It will also become satisfying when you helped your patient return-to-sports with their 100%.


Dereck Fu

After his physiotherapy training in the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Dereck also completed his Master of Clinical Physiotherapy (Musculoskeletal) from Curtin University, Australia and accreditation in Level 1 strength and conditioning coach under the Australian Strength and Conditioning Association (ASCA).

His service in both the public and private health sector provided him with experience in treating different musculoskeletal, orthopaedics and sports conditions such as volleyball, soccer, Taekwondo and handball players from amateur to national team level.

These exposures enriched his practice, considering the psychosocial, biomechanical and training load aspect of the clients’ story with different skill sets such as manual therapy, acupuncture and exercise therapy.


Terry Leung

Terry is a highly accomplished sports therapist who graduated with a Bachelor of Social Sciences in Sports and Recreation Management, specializing in Sports Therapy, from the prestigious Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong in 2016.

With an impressive seven-year track record in the field, Terry has consistently provided exceptional assessment, treatment, and rehabilitation services to a diverse range of elite and amateur athletes.

Throughout his career, Terry has garnered extensive experience working with athletes across various sporting events, including the Golf China Open, ATP 250 Tennis Chengdu Open, ITF pro circuit, and the renowned Hong Kong Rugby Seven tournament.

His profound familiarity with sports massage and stretching techniques has proven instrumental in facilitating swift and efficient injury recovery for his clients. Terry's professional expertise, coupled with his unwavering dedication to his craft, has established him as a trusted and sought-after sports therapist. He possesses a deep understanding of the unique physical demands placed on athletes and is adept at tailoring individualized treatment plans to optimize performance, prevent injuries, and enhance overall well-being.

Professional Trainer

Ted Yip

As a professional trainer, Ted is experienced to tailor made personal training plan according to client’s need.

He also delivers talks and courses about sports sciences in different organizations from schools to corporates. He aims to share the knowledge about fitness, exercise, and the importance of a balanced lifestyle to the public.